computers built with performance.




Elegantly finished computers to the last detail with exacting standards. Beautiful enclosures that not only look crisp and sleek but feel premium to the touch.


Feature rich from building with the latest hardware, we evolve our computers to be right up to date with the latest technology and connectivity!


From fanless case designs to ultra quiet PC enclosures and premium grade low noise yet high performance cooling solutions. Our computers are whisper quiet.


Lightening fast and generously specified, with tons of storage capacity and supercharged power for all your needs!

about us.

Our company operates from Victoria, Australia, which services delivery to Australia nationwide and was started after identifying that computer customers rarely have the opportunity to engage in a truly personalised experience when purchasing a new computer.

We wanted to bring all the aspects of the premium design you get from high-end manufacturers with the simplicity and flexibility of full customisation and future upgradability that may pre-built computers no longer offer. We focus on creating computer designs that fit elegantly anywhere within the home or office.

To this end, we have come up with several product lines that focus on particular aesthetics and purpose so you may choose a system that best suits your style, taste and performance needs so that you can feel the difference that sets us apart.

quality promise.

You can be assured of zero compromise confidence when purchasing a Computeque computer. Our designs use only the highest grade of computer components from premium manufacturers of parts that we feel 100% confident in building with, this means you can rely on a longer lifespan of your computer product, premium features and 80+ Gold standard energy efficiency rating on every one of our computers.

free express shipping.

Free express shipping has been provided on all of our computers giving you peace of mind and a better experience. Track your purchase from the moment of dispatch! Enter coupon code "freeship" on checkout!



We offer our customers 1 Year "return to base" Warranty on the workmanship of our assembled computers. In addition, customers can expect a 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on their parts. Please see our full Terms and Conditions.