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what's good about our computers?


all our computers use solid state drives for snappy performance and fast system boot and loading times.

the looks

the look and the feel of a computer is just as important as it's performance. aesthetics are our design 101.


powerful pc's all boasting 4 or more cpu cores, even our mini ones. with graphics performance to dominate in our gaming pc's.

home computer

We don't believe the future of the average desktop home computer lies in a clunky box with redundant space inside. Our home pc systems pack a big punch from a tiny package with all the performance you'll need from a daily driver.

They make superb little computers for streaming media content from the web and for playback of up to 4k resolution movies and tv shows fantastic for everyday home use. They also make great office workhorses and have the added benefit of taking up little to no desk space.

home theatre

Our exclusive range of beautiful Silent PC Home Theatre (HTPC) computers built to be the do-it-all living space design for smooth, crisp HD up to 8K media playback with the ability to handle any task easily and with lightening speed.

These systems are ideal for those who want a computer for an open space that looks sleek and stylish. Our Zone Home Theatre PC adds powerful, discreet gaming performance perfect for families with different needs and power-users alike.


Amazingly customisable, fully expandable and immensely powerful. With different budgets in mind we offer reasonably priced entry systems that are easy to future upgrade and maximum performance gaming systems. All our gaming pc's have been featured to support VR and 4K with the latest game titles, you'll find nothing subpar here. With continued incremental advancements in computer hardware Computeque ensures that we use the latest hardware and commit to continually revising our systems to stay fresh and cutting edge at the day of purchase.

Lag is for the internet. Not your computer.


The Pro Series is a line of computer systems aimed directly at creative professionals for heavy workloads of visual and graphic design in areas of video editing and production and is purpose built for rendering and adobe softwares. These computers are designed to look a little unique, since you're next to it all day; we feel may as well make you feel good about the system you are using.