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Computers Mildura, VIC. Computeque computers offer premium computer builds locally in Mildura and for online order in Victoria




Providing you with exceptional computer services and premium built computers in the Mildura area. Here at Computeque, we pride ourselves on the quality of our computers, our service and our passion for what we do. We started this company with the goal to provide that little extra something when it comes to a computing experience by giving you style, substance and performance.


In  our computer range, we offer systems to suit everyone's needs and individual budget. Our budget computers offer you a solid level of performance with speeds normally reserved for computers costing much more. Our use of solid state drives in ALL of our systems gives each and every customer a satisfyingly snappy Windows experience from start-up to loading applications and transferring files, you'll experience a computer that is up to 10 times faster than a brand new computer with an outdated hard drive.


It is our belief now more than ever when buying a computer product from new, it should be able to last and not be based on hardware that is already past it's shelf life. With new computer hardware coming year on year, it's hard to keep up with the latest and greatest of features. But it helps to posses what will become useful in the future and a computer system that will last.


Computers built by Computeque offer you just that, something current, something beautiful and with technology that will perform for longer.

Not everybody's needs are the same, we understand this and that's why we offer simple customisation on each and every one of our standard pre-built computers, add endless different storage options for as many Terra-bytes as you'd like, customise computer case choices, opt for different colours, extra connectivity or simply supercharge your performance, the options go on. If you don't know what hardware you need for a task you require, simply ask us and we can recommended a system personalised for you.


For some people, storage space can be a major factor in purchasing a new product, especially when you consider "where am I going to put it?" Computeque offers customers a variety of choice when it comes to size and style, we are all about creating a computer that will fit your lifestyle and your taste.


We have several major categories when choosing a computer, some of which applies to where you might be putting it. Bellow is a quick guide as to what system goes where, and what advantages their design might have for you.

Computers Mildura, mini pc design to integrate into a minimalist lifestyle.

Mini PC - Intel NUC (Mildura Stock Coming Soon)


Tiny little computers with as much performance crammed into one small space as possible, these miniature home computers are small enough to fit into the palm of a hand, they are ideal for a super simplistic setup.


Available with an i5 processor and a solid state drive, in addition to any regular computer task, the Intel NUC will stream movies from Netflix and playback your USB media files in 4K with no problem.


They sit right between the functionality of a Home Theatre PC and the compact size of an Android TV device such as the Nexus Player or Apple TV making them an ideal addition to your lounge.


If you travel a lot, stay in hotels or get away in your caravan, this product is a no brainer as you can take it with you even easier than a laptop!

HTPC Computers Mildura, unique computer designs built locally in Mildura VIC

Home Theatre System (HTPC)


Home Theatre computers or HTPC's are the ultimate in performance to sit right in your entertainment unit. The options with this form factor are many, varying from an ultra-compact gaming system with many times the power of a console, to a system that does it all and stores it all too. With cases available with support for up to a massive 30TB, you'll have storage for all your media files and recordings, for as long as storage outside of the cloud is necessary.


The relative sizes range from something roughly the size of an Xbox One console, to a large AV Receiver, all feature a pleasing and simplistic design you'll be happy with.

Mildura Computers, Computeque kids gaming computer, mini itx gaming pc, VIC



Mini-ITX computers are the ideal size for a teenage bedroom as a capable gaming computer. Some will fit full size graphics cards in order to play the latest next gen game titles in stunning resolutions.


With their lightweight and compact size, they are excellent for LAN gaming events or with friends, making them easy to transport with a handle or under one arm, taking them to friends place is easy.


See our "Gaming Systems" page for more information.

Computeque Home Computers Mildura, VIC



Often accommodating full size ATX and micro ATX motherboards, this size of case is generally regarded as the "typical computer size" that most people are used to seeing. Because of their motherboard compatibly they are the most versatile options when it comes to connectivity.


If things like; more, faster USB ports, faster Wi-Fi, more storage and more performance are important to you, then this is the size case for you. Providing you have an office space, space next to a desk or don't mind looking at it, you'll have the best flexibility with future upgrades as well as build options.


They also make the best gaming systems for those who want multiple graphics cards, or to showcase their components with a side window and lighting.

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